My TouchPoints are beeping - what should I do?

February 08, 2018

TouchPoints beep for two reasons:

  • Low battery:
    • If your TouchPoints have been running for a while (i.e. a few hours), they may beep as an indicator of low battery. In that case, charge them for a few hours and the beeping should be resolved.
  • Low intensity setting:
    • TouchPoints may also beep when they are used on a low intensity. Why? TouchPoints give haptic micro-vibrations. Sometimes, at a lower setting, TouchPoints may not get enough "power" to vibrate and will beep instead. To resolve this, simple increase the setting (for as few as 30 seconds) and the beeping will subside. Then you can continue using the devices at the previous lower setting.

Update (2/5/18):

Make sure your app is updated to the most recent version (Android V2.0.6 | iOS V2.0.3). This is will resolve the beeping.